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We select with the greatest care each of the horses presented and we choose them as if they were our own.

Each horse is presented with a complete veterinary assessment (x-rays and clinical visit) that we communicate to you in complete transparency.

Because we work on each of them, we know how to talk about our horses like no one else. We will know which one is right for you so that they correspond in all respects to your physical, mental and budget criteria.

Looking for a specific horse? Fill out this questionnaire now, this will allow us to present you with horses corresponding to your desires, and to reconnect with you.



At Lusitano Selection, we are committed to selecting the best Lusitano horses, with many criteria, including several essential ones:

- the mental: this is the most important criterion for us. All our horses are selected for their extra mentality and their generosity. It is essential for us, whatever the future of your horse, that everything happens in the best conditions.

- locomotion: gaits and locomotion are also the signature of Lusitano Selection! Mainly selected for dressage, all our horses are unique and predisposed to have fun, at home or in competition.

- health: each horse is healthy, has a complete X-ray and veterinary report, as well as a follow-up by a farrier, osteopath and dentist.

- beauty: everything happens at first sight, doesn't it? Our horses are also beautiful, because it is a very important criterion! Sometimes typical, sometimes in a sport model, you will fall in love.



At Lusitano Sélection, we love Horses above all else. What do we want? Find the perfect horse for you!

What characterizes us is above all our professionalism, to best support you in your search.

We know that buying a horse is a big step, whether it's for you to have fun or to go out in competition, that's why supporting you is part of our mission.

At Lusitano Selection, you are supervised and accompanied throughout the process of buying and finding your Lusitano.

Each horse is rigorously selected by our team according to criteria that edit our Lusitano Selection Quality & Trust Charter.

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